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Welcome to Grace Avenue Bible Church! We are a Bible-believing Church that was initially founded in 1999 under the name "Third Slavic Baptist Church."  Recently officially nicknamed as Grace Avenue Bible Church, we are located on 1425 Grace Avenue, Sacramento and hope to make an impact on the community around us!


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6 PM

2nd & 4th Sundays


10 AM

Every Sunday


6 PM

Every 3rd Sunday

What We Offer

Biblical Teaching

As a church we our built on the foundation of Biblical teaching. We apply this in topical and expository teaching on Sundays, youth Bible studies, and Sunday school.

Edifying Worship

This is a very important part of our church life. We practice this during Sunday service, prayer groups, as well as all the choirs (General choir, men’s choir, and children’s choir).


Our church has a variety of ministries which include: children, high school aged groups, young adults, men, women, and family. We also have a Praise and Worship ministry as well as a Care Ministry to encourage and help anyone in need.

What Does a Service Look Like?

We are excited to have three forms of services; English, Russian, and Multilingual. English: These services are less formal and more intimate. After a welcome and introductory prayer, the congregation is led into worship through songs by the worship band. Afterwards, a brief devotion is shared. Anyone who wants to share testimonies as well as prayer requests do so afterwards. This leads us into the message. The service is concluded with prayer. Russian: Our morning services start with prayer and worship with a mix of classic and contemporary songs. Our songs are sung with a mix of English and Russian and are led by the worship group. After worship, a preacher will read Scripture, followed by a commentary. Many people will perform and worship afterwards and our choir participates at times as well. We conclude with worship and prayer after the sermon.
Multilingual: These services are unique because it gives a chance for people to participate in both languages. Generally the first part of the service is in Russian and the message is in English. This service is concluded with prayer as well.

How should I dress?

We don't have a specific criteria of rules or guidelines that one must follow to visit our local church, however, we do ask that you dress modestly and don't point attention to yourself through dress and apparel. In the mornings, most dress up Sunday formal, whereas in the evenings, many dress formal but some tend to dress more casually.

Is there translation available at any of the services?

Yes! English or Russian translation is provided every service through an FM transmitter. To request translation, please come up to the sound booth in the back of the sanctuary (ID card required).


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